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Clinical Architecture Symedical Healthcare Terminology Management Software

Symedical is a comprehensive software suite that addresses all aspects of healthcare content management. Through sophisticated software and flexible runtime services (APIs), Symedical provides a fully customizable platform for the acquisition, maintenance, and distribution of the terminologies you need—standard, local, proprietary, or free-text.

Symedical supports centralized control of terminology by supplying content, tools, and integration software in one enterprise solution.

  • •   Access to standard terminologies, HL7® value sets, FHIR® terminology services, reference maps and more.
  • •   Content authoring, mapping, modeling, normalization and other capabilities.
  • •   Robust text analytics to unlock hidden data in free-text through the SIFT Semantic Interpretation of Free Text tool.
  • •   Rules-based automated reasoning through the Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite which leverages structured clinical data to draw assertions and provide recommendations, along with instance evidence and references.
  • •   Add-on additional modules for distribution, remote access and other advanced functionality.

Easily integrate sophisticated term search, relationship navigation and real-time interoperability with Symedical’s Runtime Web Services (APIs).

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