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At Clinical Architecture, we’re passionate about the evolution of healthcare information technology. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare regulatory environment, the quality and usability of clinical information matters more than ever. Our healthcare content management solutions help you standardize, normalize, and better use your information so you can leverage your workforce more effectively, focus on information that matters, and improve overall outcomes.

Terminology Management

Easily update, standardize, and leverage all of the terminologies you use.

Data Normalization

Give terminology a common ground and make your data actionable.


Take advantage of the most advanced mapping engine in healthcare.

Text Analytics

Utilize our Semantic Interpretation of Free Text (SIFT) tool to unlock hidden data in your system.

Industry Expertise

Our highly experienced team uses a wealth of technological and clinical expertise to improve the accuracy, compliance, and accountability of your electronic health records.

Empowered Systems

We create products that enhance your information infrastructure and free up your people to work at a higher level.

Innovative Solutions

Clinical Architecture gives you ground-breaking answers to your most pressing healthcare content management challenges.

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