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In today’s rapidly changing healthcare regulatory environment, the quality and usability of clinical information matters more than ever.

Our solutions address healthcare data quality, interoperability, and clinical documentation to enable intelligent data-driven decisions, success with population health, health information exchange, quality reporting, and value-based care.

Our products and services significantly reduce the effort needed to achieve and maintain optimal data quality.

Symedical Healthcare Interoperability and Data Quality Solutions

Comprehensive terminology management, enterprise semantic interoperability, and normalization in one solution.

Symedical Professional Services

Informatics Experts Here to Help You Succeed

Pivot Healthcare Interoperability and Data Quality Solution

Managed Interoperability and Data Quality in a Single Solution

Nomentys Fully Managed Interoperability

A turnkey, fully managed interoperability solution utilizing a cost-effective, easy-to-use SaaS approach.

SeekDx Clinician Friendly Documentation Search
A smart, clinician friendly search for documenting patient diagnoses and health concerns.

Trust your Data Quality Experts

Industry Expertise

Our highly experienced team uses a wealth of technological and clinical expertise to improve the accuracy, compliance, and accountability of your electronic health records.

Empowered Systems

We create products that enhance your information infrastructure and free up your people to work at a higher level.

Innovative Solutions

Clinical Architecture gives you ground-breaking answers to your most pressing healthcare content management challenges.

Symedical the Informonster Healthcare Data Quality and Interoperability Solutions

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