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Our Solutions

Acquire & Manage Data

  • Ability to localize, enrich, distribute, and integrate data
  • Insights regarding individual and population health
  • Save time with content acquisition by harmonizing data across systems
  • Cleanse, rationalize and integrate data into an enterprise-wide system of record
  • Synthesize and govern data across silos and sources to provide a single source of truth
  • Understand data for real-time analytics and data quality
  • Access to standards, local data (flat files, databases, etc.)

Standardize & Integrate Data

  • Gather and assemble large amounts of data in one place
  • Harmonize data into a common framework of understanding
  • Discern information to effectively manage populations
  • A single, cohesive view of a patient for measurement and management
  • Manage the flow of information (moving, coordinating, packaging content)
  • Tools to get data where it needs to be, when it needs to be
  • Only platform that automatically normalizes your data to a standard upon ingestion
  • Ensure providers and networks have comprehensive, consistent, quality information

Derive Meaningful Insights

  • Rules based reasoning
  • Draw assertions
  • Provide recommendations with evidence and references
  • Analyze unstructured text
  • Identify clinical information
  • Return structured/actionable data

High Resolution Healthcare

  • Create clinical documentation using an efficient, intuitive user-interface and workflows
  • Capture the patient’s story with fewer clicks and scrolling
  • Employ smart forms that support a variety of form types, layouts, and built-in logic
  • Automate the calculation of questionnaire scores, coding, and E/M
  • Utilize available mobile options for streamlined image and voice capture
  • Accelerate time to value with pre-built forms, add-on apps, training, and professional services
  • Commercialize electronic clinical content through our marketplace