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Symedical Healthcare Interoperability and Data Quality Solutions

Comprehensive terminology management, enterprise semantic interoperability, and normalization in one solution.

Pivot Healthcare Interoperability and Data Quality Solution
A managed interoperability and data quality solution designed to help reduce barriers and effort necessary to achieve high quality information exchange.
ClinEvolve High Resolution Healthcare

A turnkey, fully managed interoperability solution utilizing a cost-effective, easy-to-use SaaS approach.

ClinEvolve High Resolution Healthcare
A smart, clinician friendly search for documenting patient diagnoses and health concerns.

Additional Modules



Unlock hidden data by identifying and returning the coded, actionable information you need from free-text.



Rules-based, automated reasoning to deliver advanced clinical decision support at the point of care.



A web-based toolset for distributing the tasks of maintaining, reviewing, and updating clinical terminology mappings.

Additional Offerings



Adaptybl provides advanced automation and seamless EHR integration to fast-track enterprise mapping and consolidation to common reference terms.



The Aggregated Lab Information Grouping Nomenclature (ALIGN) is a methods-driven, clinically curated lab grouping normative ontology that simplifies analytical use cases for organizations.

HL7® FHIR® Enabled Products


A selection of Clinical Architecture’s interoperability, data quality, and clinical data capture solutions enabled through FHIR® and SMART on FHIR®.

Symedical the Informonster Healthcare Data Quality and Interoperability Solutions

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