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Managed Interoperability and Data Quality

Pivot is a healthcare interoperability and data quality solution that combines format transformation, terminology normalization, and data quality validation into a single application.

Pivot is a healthcare interoperability and data quality solution that combines format transformation, terminology normalization, and data quality validation into a single application.

Powered by Symedical®, healthcare’s leading terminology and data quality management platform, Pivot combines the automated normalization, clinical NLP, and clinical reasoning capabilities of Symedical with message consolidation and data validation to dramatically reduce the barriers and effort required to make high-quality patient information exchange a reality.

What It Can Do

Pivot - Data Quality - Understand


Comprehend both standard and custom healthcare message exchange formats and produce message outputs that are appropriate for the intended use.

Pivot - Consolidate


Combine multiple patient messages into a single output, producing cohesive, streamlined longitudinal patient data.

Pivot - Validate


Perform format and clinical content validations to improve data fidelity, ensuring that your clinical data repository contains trustworthy, comprehensive, actionable data.

Pivot - Data Quality - Normalize


Dramatically reduce the effort of normalization using Symedical’s mapping automation and collective reasoning.

Pivot - Summarize


Summarize (de-duplicate) clinical information to reduce redundancy and noise in the patient’s health record, making patient data easier to find and utilize.

Pivot - Enrich


Utilizing Symedical’s Advanced Clinical Awareness™, apply rules-based clinical reasoning and evaluate available data to identify relevant patient cohorts, gaps in documentation, and potentially erroneous data.

Pivot understands a multitude of healthcare message formats, including FHIR, CDA/C-CDA, HL7v2.x, and HealthShare SDA along with other vendor-specific or custom formats. After processing messages from those formats into a standard data structure, Pivot applies Symedical’s most powerful capabilities to semantically and syntactically transform patient data and deliver an outbound message that is normalized, validated and ready for use. In addition, Pivot can optionally consolidate and summarize messages to produce cohesive, streamlined longitudinal patient data.

How It’s Different


Onboarding new message feeds is dramatically accelerated. Most interoperability platforms require custom interfaces for each new message feed. Pivot takes a different approach, enabling rapid onboarding for new data sources.


The Innovative Message Flow Engine ensures the delivery of refined, normalized, and enriched patient information to your consuming applications using the format and terminologies needed.


Message Format Variations are our problem, not yours. Pivot recognizes variations in the standard formats like HL7, CDA , C-CDA, and FHIR and accommodates them. If a new variation is identified, Clinical Architecture does the research and adds it to the library for all clients.


Unparalleled Flexibility and Configurability ensure that Pivot can address specialized transformations, validations, data processing flow adjustments, and many other customizations without the need for developer intervention.


And more… Download our data sheet to learn about how Pivot is revolutionizing interoperability and data quality in one unique solution.

Pivot - Healthcare Interoperability and Data Quality Solution Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet


What we love about Pivot is the ability to drill into documents and terms, deliver them real-time, and do so at a very granular level. [Other solutions we have evaluated] don’t have anything remotely close to this to investigate or provide feedback on what is occurring.

– Head of Product, Data Warehousing and Analytics Vendor

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