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Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite enables Data-driven Medicine and Actionable Insights from Patient Data

Clinical Inferencing

Inferencing in Symedical® empowers users to perform rules-based automated reasoning by leveraging structured clinical data to draw assertions and provide recommendations, instance evidence, and references. Inferences are managed within a user interface that removes the need for developers to author, test, or deploy.

What does Advanced Clinical Awareness do?

Using a sophisticated rules engine and leveraging Symedical’s rich ontologies, the Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite evaluates patient records ingested into the engine through industry standard formats, such as FHIR, CCD/CDA, and HL7, to deliver advanced clinical decision support at the point of care. These rules can be run upon request for a specific patient or systematically applied at a triggering event across a patient population. The Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite can be easily integrated into a variety of healthcare applications to fill gaps in patient information, identify at-risk patients, gather supporting evidence, trigger notifications, or perform other actions.

Data-driven medicine: actionable insights from patient data


Detect undiagnosed/undocumented patient conditions


Identify risk across individuals and populations


Maximize appropriateness of care


Proactively optimize process- and outcome-oriented quality measures


Succeed with risk-based contracts

Potential Identification and ROI

27.8% of US diabetics
Approximate Cost of

Pilot Use Case Results

3 Hospitals, ~100 clinics, 1 clinical lab, 14 diagnostic imaging groups

Over a period of 6 months, involving 1 million+ patients.

Identified PatientsUndocumentated Diagnosis
36Hypertensive Disorder
~1300Congestive Heart Failure
~3500Diabetes Mellitus Type II
Advanced Clinical Awareness - Clinical Inferencing Data Sheet

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