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Symedical® “Fast-Tracked” Integration into the EHR Ecosystem

Adaptybl provides advanced automation and seamless EHR integration to fast-track enterprise mapping and consolidation to common reference terms. Powered by Symedical, healthcare’s leading terminology management and data quality platform, Adaptybl dramatically reduces the cost and time required to enable data interoperability and to maximize the analytical capabilities of your EHR implementation.

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EHR Lab to Symedical normalization workflow using Adaptybl interfaces.

The quality of lab data being used today across electronic health records (EHR) is in need of improvement.

It is commonly recognized that the quality of the lab data being used today across electronic health records (EHR) and other clinical systems to generate analytics is in need of improvement. Aligning lab data across an entire enterprise is especially challenging due to variations in (non-standardized) terminologies used to document labs across systems. For example, in LOINC there are more than 700 terms to represent glucose that cover variations in specimen type, point in time vs. timed tests, random vs. fasting tests where the need to understand context matters to the ability to align the data for appropriate meaning and understanding.

An Effective Lab Mapping Strategy

Having an effective lab mapping strategy, powered by an advanced data normalization solution like Symedical, delivers significant value across the enterprise and enables patient lab data to be leveraged for effective quality measure reporting, graphical lab trending, reimbursement, population health management, identification of gaps in patient care, and semantic interoperability.

Actual health systems savings from on-boarding two external labs. Each new use resulted in increased savings.

With Adaptybl, organizations are now able to leverage Symedical’s:


Advanced terminology normalization engine with domain-specific understanding of what a term means and the ability to normalize it into a frame of reference so that it’s useable and unambiguous


More than 150 customizable matching algorithms that support a broad variety of mapping approaches (1-to-1, 1-to-many, broader-than, etc.)

Adaptybl’s EHR Adapter, purpose built to enable seamless integration between your EHR’s lab (and other) data and Symedical’s data normalization capabilities

Waypoint, a web-based toolset for efficient distribution of the workflow involved with maintaining, reviewing, and updating lab mappings

Enterprise mapping and collective reasoning algorithms that enable mapping consistency and alignment across an enterprise

Aggregated Lab Information Grouping Nomenclature (ALIGN) content, which includes clinically meaningful groups of common laboratory results that supports the ability to aggregate, analyze, and trend lab data

Health system savings using Symedical to map versus manual methods.

View our attestation to live site connections on the Epic® Connection Hub at Support for other EHR platforms is currently contemplated.

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