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The quality of medicine is fundamental to treating illness and maintaining health. USP helps build a safety net across the drug industry and healthcare system, establishing standards to help ensure medicine is of the highest quality, from manufacturing to handling of hazardous materials, and up to the moment of consumption. As a result of using Clinical Architecture’s Symedical tooling, USP has gained measurable operational efficiency and accuracy by establishing the platform as a hub for clinical content acquisition, authoring, review/feedback, publication, and distribution activities centralized in a fully audited, purpose-built platform. The newly implemented platform has enabled further data quality, positioning USP to deliver next generation harmonized reference standards and advanced analytics.

– Lead, Translational Informatics
U.S. Pharmacopeia


Working with the Clinical Architecture team is great. Their software has improved job functions and increased productivity at our organization.

– Clinical Data Manager
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


I am just getting started with the complete use of Symedical, however I have already seen enhanced quality of data, consolidated data sources, and enjoyed the excellent training.

– Interoperability Applications Technology Manager
University of Kentucky Healthcare

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