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Improve Governance, Interoperability, and Data Quality with the Latest Release of Clinical Architecture’s Symedical® Platform

October 10, 2017

CARMEL, IN – (October 10, 2017) – Clinical Architecture, a leading global provider of healthcare IT solutions, announced the latest release of Symedical®, healthcare’s most sophisticated enterprise terminology-management platform. The new release, Symedical 2.0, includes significant enhancements to the underlying technology, performance, cloud capabilities, and usability, making it faster and easier for healthcare organizations to manage information and improve clinical data.

Today, clinical data is scattered across many disparate health IT systems – each with its own way of representing administrative and clinical information. This information must be normalized so that the meaning of the patient information is clear. When this information is normalized across the continuum of care, it establishes a more accurate picture of a patient which enables more reliable reporting, analytics, risk stratification, and decision support. A complete picture, along with good advice, results in better outcomes and a positive impact in a value based care reimbursement model.

A successful population awareness strategy requires an enterprise healthcare information governance platform. A platform that provides automated updates to industry standards, allows for the centralized management of master data, semi-automates normalization and mapping, provides common delivery mechanisms for shared information across the enterprise and enables access to critical information that is embedded in unstructured text.

The Symedical® platform provides sophisticated capabilities that support:

  • Content Acquisition – Clinical Architecture simplifies terminology management by facilitating content acquisition. Symedical includes a full catalog of standard terminologies in use around the world.  It also automates updating and integrating all content, reducing work load and eliminating concerns about compliance and accuracy. Symedical helps organizations seamlessly acquire, update, and integrate standard terminologies into their systems.
  • Terminology Management – Symedical gives organizations ultimate control and governance of their reference, master and local data. This enterprise content management platform puts all of your information, document and digital attachments in one place. With a comprehensive security model and the ability to audit all user activity, Symedical gives you the ability to manage your data governance process and cope with external and internal content changes.
  • Data Normalization and Mapping – Symedical includes the most advanced mapping and normalization engine in healthcare. This engine is designed to maximize the fidelity of your patient information and to do it in a fraction of the time it takes to do manual mapping, thereby freeing up your valuable clinical resources. Symedical’s exception workflow, intelligent alerting, and statistics tracking streamlines the management of inbound information and provides an unprecedented amount of clinical data awareness.
  • Isolating critical information from unstructured notes and documents – Symedical’s SIFT (Semantic Interpretation of Free Text) enables an enterprise to access critical patient information by identifying, extracting and structuring concepts and values that are needed the most with a high degree of accuracy. SIFT can be easily integrated into your existing interface environment or can be accessed by FHIR-based CDS Hooks.
  • Clinical Inferencing – Symedical’s Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite normalizes and intelligently summarizes patient data before processing against clinically relevant inference rules. Assertions generated based on the rules can suggest diagnoses, recommend orders, calculate risk scores, provide advice, issue alerts, identify cohorts, or build other custom actions. Building a custom inference is quick and easy and does not require programming.

Symedical can be used as a standalone enterprise solution but also integrates easily into most enterprise interface platforms using web-based APIs, SMART on FHIR® or CDS Hooks.

“We are very excited about the release of Symedical 2.0. This version of the software represents years of incremental improvements, incorporating feedback from our clients on the front lines of healthcare and some cool new innovative ideas,” said Charlie Harp, Clinical Architecture’s CEO. “In order to be successful in the ever evolving healthcare industry, enterprises need a foundation of high quality, reliable patient and enterprise information. We believe that Symedical is the ideal platform upon which that foundation can be built.”

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