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What Our Clients are Saying

I wish all of our systems would use Symedical across the board. Not only does Symedical improve my day-to-day job functions, but it is a single source of truth for data quality. The Customer Support, Training, and Professional Services teams are excellent.

– Senior Analyst and QA Lead in Interoperability and HIE

The NACHC Informatics team was able to revamp and streamline our clinical content authoring and distribution process on multiple big health data projects involving multiple external partners and organizations. We’ve been able to use Clinical Architecture’s clinically-curated value sets, localized and expanded to fit NACHC’s various use cases, and ensured that clinical concepts are properly modeled and represented, with the content being updated in real-time as standards organizations release new terms, versions and expansions.

National Association of Community Health Centers

Working with the Clinical Architecture team is great. Their software has improved job functions and increased productivity at our organization.

– Clinical Data Manager
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Without Symedical, I had to manually create and update value sets on VSAC through multiple spreadsheets. Symedical has saved me a lot of time building and updating sets, mapping unstructured data to standards, categorizing data to value sets (harmonization), and more! The content development and client success teams have all been amazing from the very beginning! They have both clinical and software expertise, and are very friendly, professional and quick to respond to requests and questions!”

– Physician Informaticist
National Association of Community Health Centers