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Semantic Normalization & Interoperability

Healthcare providers need to exchange data to collaborate on patient care for success with population health, value-based care, and other quality & compliance initiatives.

Sharing data among disparate systems has proven challenging and healthcare organizations struggle to aggregate and make sense of their data. The reason for this is that these systems don’t speak the same language and use different terminologies to represent the healthcare information they contain.

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The industry lacks a single, universally accepted standard that captures the true semantic meaning of healthcare data in an unambiguous way.

Without this universally accepted standard, computers cannot successfully share or analyze the data, and a method must be found to normalize the data to a commonly understood meaning. Symedical® provides the content management tools, normalization engine, and powerful web API’s that deliver consistent, accurate, normalized data that enables enterprises to achieve the benefits of semantic interoperability.

Symedical’s normalization and interoperability capabilities include:


The ability to leverage the only cognitive, learning, terminology normalization engine ever designed and constructed just for healthcare


The Cognition Engine that establishes a domain-specific understanding of what a term means and makes it possible to clean, de-duplicate, and put data into a frame of reference so that it’s useable and unambiguous


Semantic Mapping that provides metadata-driven, multi-domain, semi-automated term mapping for higher quality, consistency, and efficiency


Over one hundred and fifty customizable matching algorithms that support a broad variety of mapping approaches (1-to-1, 1-to-many, broader-than, etc.)


A customizable mapping workflow: review, annotate, map, validate, and publish steps are all available to the workflow


The ability for the mapping/normalization engine to be invoked by a SME or to be integrated into a host application or interface engine for real-time normalization


The Map Manager, which has an intuitive user interface to support optimized workflow


Enterprise Mapping and collective reasoning algorithms that enable consistency across multiple maps at the same time


The Semantic Service Framework’s mapping services, which are designed for high-scale and high-performance environments handling upwards of 100k transactions per minute on a single runtime server:

  • Monitors transaction channels and translates terms using approved maps published into the runtime environment.
  • Can be configured to dynamically map new or changed terms in real-time.
  • Local additions or changes can be harvested to a central authority to be assessed, mapped, and distributed to other remote locations as needed.

Waypoint provides organizations with a web-based toolset for distributing the tasks of maintaining, reviewing, and updating clinical terminology mappings.

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