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Data Aggregation

Being able to aggregate patient information is crucial for the strategic transformation from volume to value-based care.  It enables the consolidation and segmentation of data into the groups or populations needed to drive effective analytics and quality reporting.

Symedical’s® data aggregation capabilities include:


Centralized environment for assembling standard reference and master data


Semantic normalization of terms so that data can be grouped intelligently


Semi-automated and comprehensive mapping of data for improved data consistency and understanding


Semantic interoperability that enables the seamless sharing of healthcare information with partners beyond the walls of a health system to support having a longitudinal view of a patient


The ability to leverage ontologies to summarize or categorize clinical concepts to increase the signal-to-noise ratio for clinicians and narrow in on the most meaningful and relevant information

Using Symedical’s® semantic normalization capabilities in combination with the ability to roll up data by leveraging ontologies to organize clinical concepts, organizations can form the foundation of intelligent data aggregation.

To see clinical data, healthcare organizations must collect the pieces that are scattered across disparate sources and bring them together.  Simply connecting data sources and systems does not provide the true semantic integration that is necessary for meaningful data aggregation.

After the data is gathered, it needs to be harmonized into a common framework of understanding.  Symedical allows an organization to bring all its data together to find things in the data that they normally wouldn’t.  Once aggregated, problem areas can be identified and understood, and a health system can then use that information to make better decisions that can improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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