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Content Distribution & Deployment

Organizations don’t normalize data without reason. Once master data and reference data are
cleaned, de-duplicated, and normalized, the data must be made actionable.

Symedical® provides all the tools needed to get timely, quality data—in the right form, to the right place, at the right time.  With Symedical as a single, centralized source of truth, healthcare organizations can easily integrate and distribute data throughout downstream systems, clinical data repositories, or data lakes to improve the quality of analytics, enable semantic interoperability, and achieve success with value-based care.

With Symedical’s® distribution and deployment capabilities, healthcare organizations can:


Centrally package, distribute, and manage the entitlement and updates to a wide variety of content and digital assets including:

  • Master Data
  • Reference Data
  • Images
  • PDFs
  • Source code / executables
Seamlessly integrate master and reference data into your applications using high performance APIs via:

  • Open platform Editorial, Interoperability, and Terminology APIs
  • ODBC synchronization
  • Custom integration

Quickly and easily export data in multiple formats or publish directly to external tables


Integrate related Symedical instances into a solution


Make use of other available interfaces:

  • Mirth Connect and Mirth Results
  • Allscripts dbMotion
  • InterSystems HealthShare
  • HL7 / C-CDA
  • FHIR Terminology Services

True Semantic Interoperability Starts Here

Learn more about our products that can help you achieve true semantic interoperability for all your data quality initiatives.

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