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Clinical Architecture Announces the Release of Symedical® 2.1

January 29, 2019

Focusing on Improving Data Quality and Enabling Meaningful Clinical Insights

CARMEL, IN – (January 29, 2019) – Clinical Architecture, a leading global provider of healthcare enterprise data quality solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Symedical 2.1, the latest version of the industry-leading clinical content management software. Enhancements were made to facilitate deriving valuable clinical insights by producing high-fidelity, enriched data. This version of Symedical continues to build on the existing innovative toolset to give organizations increased abilities to acquire and manage their clinical terminologies, as well as standardize and integrate mission critical data throughout the enterprise.

“The Symedical 2.1 release is intended to be the next evolutionary step towards providing organizations with a strong foundation of data quality and effective data governance,” said Charlie Harp, CEO of Clinical Architecture. “We are continuing our ongoing mission of helping our customers improve the quality, availability, and accessibility of usable information to make decisions that improve the efficacy and delivery of patient care.”

A poor data quality foundation can impact clinical quality measures, value-based payment arrangements, and quality of care. Clinical Architecture is keenly focused on providing the tools and framework necessary to empower healthcare organizations to produce, maintain, and enrich dependable, consistent, high quality clinical data. Here is a sampling of the new and improved features and functionality included in this release:

  • New content for clinical insights including Clinical View Models that enable a user to intelligently filter large sets of patient data and bring into focus the relevant information regarding a disease state or chronic condition
  • New Inferences aimed at providing significant clinical intelligence that helps detect undocumented conditions; identifies opportunities to maximize reimbursement; facilitates adherence to prescribing guidelines, including the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines and many other clinically relevant insights
  • Improvements that streamline workflows related to rules-based Value Set creation; Master Data Management via web-based interfaces; the automation of Content Acquisition, Authoring, Management, and Distribution
  • Numerous additions and improvements related to Enterprise Reference Data Management, Clinical Information Governance, as well as Terminology Normalization and Semantic Interoperability

Aligning with Clinical Architecture’s data quality focus, Symedical 2.1 is available for use within any healthcare organization looking to improve the quality, fidelity, and reliability of their clinical data. For more information on Symedical, visit our Product Page.

To further extend the capabilities of Clinical Architecture and the value of the Symedical platform to improve data quality, we are proud to announce the launch of Symedical Services. Symedical Services is comprised of a team of informatics experts who are uniquely qualified to help healthcare organizations curate and manage content in Symedical and perform mapping and normalization to advance success with semantic interoperability and healthcare data quality. For more information on Symedical Services, Contact Us.

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