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Prioritizing Data Quality and Making Use of External Data

August 14, 2023

Data interoperability plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless patient care and informed clinical decision-making. Rochester Regional Health (RRH) has emerged in this area, employing a measured and practical approach to achieving data interoperability.



RRH has taken a pivotal step towards enhancing patient care by integrating external lab data into its Epic EMR system. This strategic move focused on data that clinicians truly need and aligns with their workflow has already begun to yield remarkable outcomes.
Erik Jacob, Director of Interoperability at RRH, stated, “Starting with labs made sense. Our clinicians needed that information, so it was our job to get it to them.”

To achieve this, RRH utilized Clinical Architecture’s data quality platform, Symedical®, to create a bridge between New York Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and their Epic system. This integration seamlessly presented lab data within Epic, eliminating the need for clinicians to learn a new interface or alter their workflows.

Prioritizing quality over quantity and adopting a measured strategy, healthcare providers can create a more efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem for everyone involved. Quality data, purposefully integrated, has the potential to revolutionize healthcare workflows, enhance patient outcomes, and streamline processes.

Watch the interview with Erik Jacob, Charlie Harp, and Colin Hung to gain deeper insights into RRH’s journey towards greater data quality and interoperability. If you are interested in learning more about the power of improved data quality, contact us.

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