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ISMP Tallman and RxNorm – Quick Freebie

August 29, 2010

By: Charlie Harp

Note: We have updated this file to revise the extrapolated RXCUI STRs at the SBD, SCD level to incorporate the Tall man lettering. Special thanks to John Poikonen for his insistence, persistence and assistance!

On the resources page, I have posted an excel spreadsheet that includes ISMP Tallman drug names and the RxNorm CUIs they are directly and indirectly related to. The first tab is the ISMP Tallman names and the RxNorm ingredients (TTY=IN) and brand names (TTY=BN). The second tab lists the relationships between the ISMP Tallman names and more granular RxCUIs with the Tallman names incorporated into the descriptions as appropriate. This was done by creating links based on the RXNREL table from the ingredient and brand names to their related concepts, replacing the names and manually reviewing each item.

This uses the August 2010 RxNorm data and the latest ISMP Tallman drug names.

Here is my disclaimer – Use this file at your own risk. If you find any issues with it or have any questions, please let me know.

If you would like these in a pipe delimited test file format, with instructions, you need to email us and let us know who you are so that we may stalk you and fill your email inboxes with spam (not really).

If you find this useful, please let me know. We are considering maintaining this with each RxNorm update cycle.

For more information on the Institute for Safe Medication Practices go here:

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