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InterSystems and Clinical Architecture Partner to Deliver Clinically Relevant Information for Personalized Population Health Management

January 25, 2017

InterSystems partners with Clinical Architecture to deliver the most clinically relevant information to healthcare professionals.

Patient-specific analytics, intuitive clinigraphic interface, allow clinicians to act on what matters most.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., and CARMEL, IN, Jan. 25, 2017 — InterSystems, a global leader in health information technology, today announced a strategic partnership with healthcare terminology management experts Clinical Architecture to deliver the most clinically relevant information to healthcare professionals, enabling them to make better decisions at the point of care, avoid medical errors, and improve healthcare quality and outcomes.

Clinicians are often forced to sift through massive volumes of information in a patient’s record to locate the most pertinent and actionable takeaways. For example, a physician seeking diabetes history and recent test results may have to retrieve and review a multitude of unrelated lab tests, immunization records, and doctors’ notes to find the disease-specific information they need.

In conjunction with Clinical Architecture, InterSystems has developed a concise “clinigraphic” presentation of condition-specific information contained in the comprehensive, longitudinal patient record, leveraging ontologies developed using Clinical Architecture’s terminology management tools. With sophisticated clinical inferencing technology, the solution also helps identify previously undiagnosed or undocumented health conditions. At the touch of a button, healthcare providers can easily and efficiently view the most pertinent information for patients within a population health management cohort, including medication lists, comorbidities, and diagnostic tests related to a specific condition.

“Today’s healthcare industry has been data rich and insight poor. Working with InterSystems, we are improving the way people see data,” said Stephanie Broderick, Vice President of Symedical® at Clinical Architecture. “InterSystems’ proven health informatics platform presents an aggregated patient healthcare record to providers, and its track record of connecting care communities made them the ideal choice to bring the promise of data-driven healthcare to life.”

“By providing patient-centric information in an intuitive graphical display, the innovative clinigraphic solution delivers on the promise of personalized population health management,” said Joe DeSantis, Vice President for HealthShare at InterSystems. “Through our partnership with Clinical Architecture, we are able to provide the most useful patient information, right within clinician’s workflow, allowing for increased clinical awareness, actionable data insights, and improved patient care delivery.”

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