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InteliChart Selects Symedical® Server to Improve Clinical Data Exchange

February 25, 2012

Automated terminology solution to enable safer, more timely and efficient patient-centered care.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (February 25, 2013) – InteliChart, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based, vendor-neutral technologies that facilitate healthcare information exchange, has selected Clinical Architecture’s Symedical® Server for semantic interoperability and comprehensive terminology management for its suite of health information exchange solutions. InteliChart will use the solution to improve the way it represents, stores, processes and shares clinical and administrative data with different systems, which will result in the exchange of more meaningful data.

With Symedical Server, InteliChart’s clients will now benefit from improved functionality of computer-actionable health information. The enhanced accuracy and reliability of the data exchanged will improve care, save physician time and support patient engagement.

“Taking all you know about a patient, from multiple sources, and aggregating it into a cohesive provider-centric picture is critical to providing safe and effective care,” said Charlie Harp, CEO of Clinical Architecture.  “InteliChart is an innovative solution provider that has created something that raises the bar in our industry and we are excited to be a part of it.”

InteliChart’s products, which include patient portal and health information exchange solutions, effectively and efficiently facilitate the exchange of data between healthcare organizations, providers, patients and communities.

“Healthcare organizations frequently face interoperability challenges when using disparate systems, making  terminology management an essential component to ensuring technology exchanges standardized data as patients move through the healthcare process,” said Gary Hamilton, president and founder at InteliChart. “Our partnership with Clinical Architecture will enable our healthcare providers—regardless of the health information exchange solution they’re using—to ‘talk in the same language’ and be certain that they have accurate patient data on hand to make the most informed care decisions.”

About InteliChart

InteliChart is a health information technology company focused on connecting patients, providers and their communities. Products include :  the InteliChart Integration Engine (IIE) providing connectivity between ambulatory and acute entities; InteliChart Patient Portal is a user friendly solution designed for patient of all ages and technical competencies providing bi-directional connectivity for clinical and administrative information; InteliChart Physician Portal enables provider to provider communications and exchange of usable patient information. For more information, visit our website at or call 866.957.8890. Follow us on Twitter (@InteliChart) or visit the InteliChart Facebook page or the InteliChart blog.

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