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Is there a monster lurking in your health system?

Clinical Architecture Informonster

Disparate data, data locked in silos, inconsistent data definitions, free text, and patient data spread across multiple care settings in systems speaking different languages can take a toll on data quality initiatives.

We commonly refer to this mayhem as The Informonster.

Symedical®, our innovative vendor-neutral solution designed to improve healthcare data quality, provides a platform to enable the aggregation of clinical data, automate semantic normalization and interoperability, and enrich your data to make it meaningful and fit for use.

Clinical Architecture Symedical
Clinical Architecture Informonster

Tame your Informonster!

Accurate, consistent, comprehensive, and trustworthy data can help you confidently make intelligent data driven decisions and achieve success with population health, health information exchange, quality reporting, and value-based care.

Symedical uses a unique combination of artificial intelligence and collective reasoning to significantly reduce the time and effort needed to achieve and maintain optimal data quality for medium and large healthcare enterprises. Because of this, our customers are able to produce and manage higher quality data faster and at a lower cost than with traditional approaches.

We work with leading organizations including several of the largest healthcare enterprises, EHR/HIE vendors, the Joint Commission, the CDC, and others to solve challenges around healthcare data quality and interoperability.

Symedical the Informonster Healthcare Data Quality and Interoperability Solutions

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