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Greater Manchester Digital Platform Procures Tech Solutions to Join Up Health, Social Care and Community

July 14, 2020

The drive to develop the Greater Manchester Digital Platform to transform public services, using state-of-the-art technology, is gathering momentum.

The next generation digital platform is being designed and built to hold, analyse and share information across health, social care and community settings for the first time.

A further suite of suppliers has now been procured to join the Greater Manchester Digital Platform programme which, as part of the national Local Health Care Record (LHCR) programme, is being overseen by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, on behalf of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP).

The city region is making fast progress to develop a suite of digital products which will sit on the platform, making it easier, safer and quicker for professionals and citizens to access the right information when and where they need it. In August the technology will be first tested in the areas of dementia and frailty as we launch technology in Tameside and Salford to join up health and care core record plans.

We welcome the following new suppliers who are now delivering technology as part of the programme:

  • Black Pear
    Providing two-way integration of GP systems with acute and community settings to share core care plans which can be updated by any relevant user. For more information:
  • Shaping Cloud
    Delivering an innovative identity and access management service for use by the GM Digital Platform suite of technologies. This means robust audited access, compliant with relevant standards, so everyone who needs to access the information can do this effortlessly and without risk.
  • Snowflake
    Providing a cloud data platform and an analytics and data science platform. So that anonymous data can be extracted, honouring all the national personal data security requirements.
  • Janeiro Digital
    Providing pioneering new software (XFORM Health) which gives people more control of their own health and care data. In GM we will be testing the concept of new citizen-held records (PODS) so people can hold and use their personal data, using the GM Digital Platform. In this way people will have total control over their own data and how it is used.
  • Aire Logic
    Building of e-forms and linking of the various components of the platform to support the storage of citizen data. Supporting the creation of situation reporting tools for the GM Covid-19 response and creating an electronic version of the ‘This is me’ from for people with dementia.
    Building and configuring a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) so health and care data can be stored and shared in a standard format. This means it will be understood and used by everyone.
  • Clinical Architecture
    Delivering terminology and ‘semantic normalisation’ solutions to harmonise disparate coded data to national standard codes. This will mean information on the GM Digital Platform can be represented and processed consistently.
  • Orion Health
    Development of Greater Manchester Integration Engine to support the integration and message flow across the platform, verifying identity so data can be located using the record locator service. This is a key function of the digital platform. Using Rhapsody ® from Lyniate – an integration engine which provides the tools to build and manage the flow of messages across the digital platform.


John Llewellyn, Director of Digital, Northern Care Alliance, said: “As a Global Digital Exemplar, Salford Royal has always spearheaded digital advancements to support new and emerging models of care. So we’re really excited about the progress of the GMDP programme. Here at the Northern Care Alliance we have a really agile approach and some great new technology. With the GMDP we’ll also have the first ever NHS open platforms to support these and help us drive our digital agenda forward even more.”

Phil Swan, GMCA’s Director for Digital, said: “We are already using this technology to support Greater Manchester’s Covid-19 emergency response, making it possible for services to quickly share vital information and provide new services like community hubs with volunteer coordination. Looking ahead, the possibilities created by building this new digital platform are ground breaking. By digitising old paper-based processes and helping connect data, many of our most vulnerable people can get more joined up support across the region, improving the lives of citizens and making savings.

“The launch of the shared care record plan pilot for frailty and dementia in Tameside and Salford will mean, for the first time, we get bi-directional flow of information across health and social care organisations.”

For more information: Yvonne Reay 07793943342

Supplier quotes

Black Pear: Black Pear’s Chief Operating Officer Sean O Mahoney said: We are delighted and proud to have been selected to work with Greater Manchester on the Smart Resident platform.

“This is the start of an exciting five-year journey, building on their success of delivering successful innovation at scale for the benefit of Greater Manchester.

“Integrated Digital is the key enabler to transform healthcare service delivery to meet the evolving and growing health and care needs of the NHS. The Smart Resident Platform is a leading exemplar of this.”

Snowflake: In times of uncertainty, reliable data and rapid insights provide immense value for helping organisations respond and move forward,” Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product Management at Snowflake, said. “Snowflake’s availability on Google Cloud in London enables customers in the UK to fully leverage the benefits of both platforms for supporting their business and customers during this time.”

Shaping Cloud: “We are immensely proud to be continuing our partnership with Greater Manchester in making health and social care easier for workers and better for patients and residents.  Together, we hope these innovative, transformative digital solutions will make a lasting difference nationally, as other regions follow GM’s vision.” Tom Carter, Shaping Cloud CTO

Orion Health: “The LHCR programme is crucial to the NHS making continued progress in improving interoperability and patient information sharing, so it’s exciting to be part of the Greater Manchester programme as well as those in Wessex and One South West. Integration is a key enabler for any LHCR, so we look forward to bringing Orion Health’s decades of experience in this field to the Digital Platform.” Gary Birks, General Manager – UK & Ireland, Orion Health

Clinical Architecture: “Greater Manchester’s best of breed approach for central health and care records leverages our expertise, experience and Symedical solution to improve the quality of their healthcare data. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the advance in information sharing in Greater Manchester for the benefit of citizens and care providers.” Andrew Frangleton, Managing Director at Clinical Architecture Ltd.

Janeiro Digital: Justin Bingham, Janeiro Digital’s CTO and an Editor of the Solid Specification said: “People should have access and control over their health record. They should be able to contribute directly to it, easily share parts of it with the people they trust the most, and use the data in it to live a healthier life through consented access to a trusted ecosystem of applications and services. Our software platform, XFORM Health, creates a health-based data exchange, with the goal of empowering people and improving outcomes. We are thrilled to Pilot XFORM Health in GM and hope to bring Person Held Health Records to every citizen in the UK in the future.”

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