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The COVID-19 Interoperability Alliance provides access to terminology, value sets, and healthcare data resources to further the rapid utilization of clinical information relevant to COVID-19.

Clinical Architecture LLC, a leading global provider of healthcare enterprise data quality solutions, announces participation in the COVID-19 Interoperability Alliance (the “Alliance”), an informatics focused web-based environment to support collaborative authoring of COVID-19 related interoperability data resources.

In collaboration with Logica Health, MITRE, Regenstrief Institute and others in the informatics community, the Alliance will provide an open environment where, collectively, participants can create, evolve and share meaningful, interoperable value sets. The Alliance provides a hub for healthcare information to enable public and private organizations to quickly and easily identify, monitor, and measure data relevant to COVID-19.

Data produced by the Alliance will be made available to the public under a Creative Commons license which provides the right to share, use, and build upon the data provided.

The Alliance website includes:

  • Open access to downloadable data resources created by the Alliance
  • Open access to an interactive content browser
  • FHIR API access to published data assets (for development purposes only)
  • A collaborative information management workshop for registered contributors
  • Useful links relating to COVID-19 interoperability and analytics

The type of data resources being created:

  • Clinical, demographic, and administrative value sets
  • Focused terminology subsets
  • FHIR profiles and attributes
  • Useful meta-data

If your organization would like to become a member of the COVID-19 Interoperability Alliance or if you would like to participate as a contributor to the authoring and sharing of data resources, visit

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