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Clinical Architecture Revolutionizes How Meaningful Use Terminology Sets are Acquired and Updated with Symedical Content Portal

August 16, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013
Carmel, IN. – Clinical Architecture has revolutionized the process of finding, formatting and updating the many standard terminologies, HL7 value sets and reference maps required to meet Meaningful Use and other operational objectives with the introduction of the Symedical Content Portal. In addition to the primary standards like SNOMED, ICD-10 and LOINC®, healthcare providers and system vendors need a reliable way to acquire and maintain dozens of other clinical and administrative vocabulary files. This latest enhancement of Symedical® delivers and updates these required terminology sets into one easy to use tool, preformatted and ready to use.

Symedical is a comprehensive solution used by healthcare systems, information exchanges, EMR vendors and quality reporting organizations to acquire, create, update, map, relate, normalize, publish, distribute and monitor standard and proprietary terminologies, as well as, local and free-text terms. In healthcare it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to develop best practices for data governance that support their long term objectives. Establishing a reliable source for the needed terminologies with an integrated, automated update process is a foundational component of any data governance strategy. The Symedical Content Portal currently provides integrated access to the vocabulary standards, HL7 value sets, reference maps and reference ontology needed to meet today’s requirements; with additional content routinely added at customer request.

“Our clients were telling us how frustrating it was finding all the various data sets required for Meaningful Use. They said finding them was one thing, but then they had to format the file for use in their systems, load it and then create a way of knowing when updates were available.”, said Shaun Shakib, Chief Information Architect of Clinical Architecture. “With Symedical, it was immediately obvious we could quickly replace this frustration with a reliable and reproducible process. Their reaction to the Content Portal has been wonderful.”

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