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Clinical Architecture Releases Symedical Server

April 3, 2011

By: Charlie Harp

I try to avoid sales pitches in this blog, but from time to time I want to make you aware of what Clinical Architecture is up to with our products, especially if it is something amazing.

Tomorrow (April 4th) we are releasing Symedical Server. This is the result of the hard work and dedication of the awesome team we have here at Clinical Architecture and the insights and feedback from our customers (current and future). I am very excited about this product and the difference it will make in how healthcare systems share and recognize important information.

Symedical® Server is an enterprise class, semantic interoperability server and is the first product of its kind.

Symedical’s Cognition and Coordination engines provide flexible options for a wide variety of interoperability scenarios including terminology mapping and data quality term recognition  to support eMeasures. Symedical can handle standard, commercial, local proprietary and even free text terminologies.

Symedical Server monitors the fidelity of each run time channel and issues alerts if a map is failing before it becomes a significant service failure. It can also route mapping exceptions to a map administrators work queue for rapid resolution.

Designed for high scale deployment and excellent run time performance, it will not be a bottleneck in your environment.

Complete mapping in record time by leveraging the many sophisticated algorithms in our coordination engine and Symedical’s intuitive map manager.

Once a map is complete Symedical Server can publish it to a file, a proprietary database table or use the Symedical Server runtime services and leverage the features they provide.

Whether you are a healthcare software vendor, large integrated provider network, single healthcare institution or integration services provider, Symedical Server will change how you look at semantic interoperability.

Contact us to schedule a demo.

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