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Announcing Clinical Architecture’s 2023 Healthcare Data Quality Report

April 13, 2023

Clinical Architecture’s 2023 Healthcare Data Quality Report: 80% of Healthcare Industry Concerned About Data Quality from External Sources

Clinical Architecture, a leading healthcare data quality solution provider, released its 2023 Healthcare Data Quality report. This report highlights the impact that data quality has on patient care and organizational performance along with the perceptions that care providers, academia, public health, value-based care, payers, life sciences, and vendors have about the quality of the patient data that flows into and out of their systems. The 2023 Healthcare Data Quality Report is the result of a survey conducted in January and February of this year. Respondents were asked a series of questions related to their use and trust of internal and external clinical data.

“This report supports what we have experienced when serving our clients — there is a significant data quality problem within healthcare. In fact, 69% of the survey respondents rated their enterprise patient data as mixed or poor-quality. And 80% of survey respondents rated external sources of patient data as mixed or poor-quality. When you drill down into the factors that lead to poor data quality it makes it easier to tackle the problem.  When organizations take the time to identify the root causes of data quality issues and apply best practices and the right tools you can refine the quality of the data and use it in a way that is consistently reliable,” said Charlie Harp, Chief Executive Officer of Clinical Architecture.

To obtain a copy of the 2023 Healthcare Data Quality Report, please visit

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