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Text Analytics

Our Answer to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Add more robust analytics and functionality to your Symedical® platform with Clinical Architecture’s ground-breaking approach to natural language processing (NLP); SIFT (Semantic Interpretation of Free Text). Our SIFT module unlocks the hidden data within your system and makes it actionable.

Get Natural Language Processing PLUS

SIFT scans unstructured text to identify full, partial, or similar concepts found in terminologies like ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, or any other content standards you target. SIFT takes these targets and applies true semantic meaning by using any healthcare terminology. SIFT can find even the most complicated information hiding in free text so your data is more complete, accurate, and actionable.

Interpret Data Patterns

SIFT uses advanced text analytics to go beyond data extraction to interpretation and analysis based on the structure of the content itself. SIFT identifies patterns and enables you to implement rules uniquely structured for your content and usage requirements.

Leverage Unstructured Text

With SIFT, the challenges associated with unstructured text are minimized because you have control of your terminology targets. Don’t be restricted by black box solutions any longer. Our products enable clinical note coding, semantic data exchange, clinical document analysis, advanced terminology search, patient cohort identification, and more.

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