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About Professional Services

Clinical Architecture realizes that software alone cannot deliver healthcare information quality. Healthcare information quality is a journey that requires software, people and processes to be successful. Our team is comprised of individuals that have dedicated their professional careers to the management of healthcare information, and we are happy to share their experience and insight with our clients as part of our relationship. However, sometimes our clients are in need of more than just advice, and that is when our Professional Services team is available to support the needs of our clients in that circumstance. Whether the need is to accelerate implementation, streamline data on-boarding or data migration, supplement internal resources or the complete outsourcing of data harmonization, we can help you meet your objectives.

Implementation Acceleration

Dramatically reduce the time it will take to begin to reap the benefits of your data quality initiatives by focusing on building out an enterprise Symedical® architecture including design and build of the following:

  • Enterprise Configuration
  • Data Domain
  • Data Governance Processes and Policies
  • Mapping Engine Templates
  • Source System Data
  • Master Data
  • Reference Data
  • Standard Terminologies

Terminology Normalization

Clinical Architecture provides skilled resources that can enable our clients to augment or outsource clinical and administrative terminology mapping. This can be done as a bulk operation to onboard new data sources or support data migration, as well as ongoing maintenance of new or existing maps. We leverage experience, along with the unique needs of each client to establish the domain appropriate editorial policies and service levels to meet your objectives.

Common use cases for mapping services include:

  • Mapping external data feeds to EHR domain terminologies
  • Mapping facility-level clinical and administrative data to enterprise normative terminologies for analytics, machine learning, and reporting
  • Mapping aggregated clinical data to standards required for reimbursement, quality metrics or regulatory compliance

Content Development

We work with clients to understand your needs and develop content with a managed process and documented editorial policies. Once completed, content can be delivered to you for ongoing maintenance or can be managed on an ongoing basis by Clinical Architecture.

Common use cases for content development and maintenance services include:

  • Terminology Development
  • Value Set Development
  • Ontology Development
  • Symedical Domain Development
  • Clinical View Model Development
  • Clinical or Administrative Inference Development
  • SIFT Array Development
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