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Healthcare’s High Resolution Platform

A next generation framework for evolving clinical information that makes creating, storing, representing and using patient data easier.

Benefit from improved usability, analytics, and patient care utilizing ClinEvolve’s innovative suite of products:

Streamlined, effective, accurate capture of clinical documentation without sacrificing good usability and high-quality analytics.

Clinical information model representing the critical patient domains that exist in healthcare. Used in Enscryb forms to capture rich, consistent, discrete patient data.

Unlock the power of clinical notes by utilizing Medical Elements to easily capture the patient encounter data and support rich downstream analytics.

Accelerate time to value with pre-built content such as HPI, procedure and questionnaire forms, CDS rules, and add-on apps using ClinEvolve compatible modules.

Our team of experienced clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, informaticists, and healthcare IT software engineers are available to meet your ClinEvolve professional service and educational needs.

Symedical the Informonster Healthcare Data Quality and Interoperability Solutions

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