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Terminology Management

Symedical® gives you ultimate control of your terminology management. For any scope of data, disparate clinical information, and absolutely every terminology—standard, local, proprietary, or unstructured text—Symedical offers unprecedented value, functionality, and results.

Integrated Terminologies

Acquire the latest healthcare terminology standards and integrate them into your workflows. Clinical and administrative content is delivered in an easy to use format, improving consistency, saving time and reducing manual effort. Over 400 content assets are available through our subscription portal.


Leverage Symedical’s next generation cognition engine to enable true semantic interoperability. Improve the quality of information you encounter from your facilities, affiliates, and information exchange partners.

Advanced Terminology Management

Support the use cases you have today and what’s coming in the future with the ability to customize your terminology management platform. Available as a stand-alone platform or easily integrated into an existing healthcare solution, Symedical helps you control your terminologies, ontologies, code systems, and value sets.

Let us show you how Symedical’s comprehensive platform and options can help you get control of your terminology management. Contact us to find out more or to schedule a customized demo. 

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