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Clinical Decision Support

Summarizing and aligning episodic information stored in electronic health records and clinical data repositories can be a fundamental step to creating a clear picture of a patient’s clinical profile.  But just filling in information gaps isn’t enough.  The ability to take that information and leverage it to make good decisions and avoid unintended outcomes is the key to next generation clinical awareness.

Symedical’s Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite provides insights that allow providers, health systems, payers, ACO’s, integrated delivery networks, etc. the ability to leverage information in a meaningful way, including:

  • •  Identifying previously undetected high risk diseases
  • •  Maintaining comprehensive, up-to-date patient problem lists
  • •  Establishing advanced clinical surveillance, making it possible to offer needed population health management services to high risk patients
  • •  Simplifying interoperability by automatically normalizing inbound patient data without the need for mapping
  • •  Identifying candidates for research or clinical trials

Within the Advanced Clinical Awareness Suite, data is normalized, summarized, and then run against appropriate inference rules.  Assertions generated based on the rules can suggest diagnoses, recommend orders, calculate risk scores, provide advice, issue alerts, or build other custom actions.  These assertions, relevant evidence, and dynamically built narratives that corroborate the assertions are fed back to the host system for adjudication by the provider.

This innovative software suite provides the ability to improve clinical decision support processes and the throughput of clinical systems by systematically detecting things about a patient that a human might not.

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