Amanda O’Rourke

Amanda O’Rourke has extensive marketing, communications and public relations experience with a focus on healthcare, software development, and health information… Read more »

Anitra Green

Anitra Green has been working in healthcare IT since 1999, and has extensive experience in building software quality practices and… Read more »

Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler is the Director of Customer Service at Clinical Architecture and has over 25 years of Healthcare IT experience…. Read more »

Bob Taylor, DO

Bob Taylor received his medical degree from Ohio University and completed a National Library of Medicine fellowship in Biomedical Informatics… Read more »

Andrew Frangleton

Andrew Frangleton specializes in understanding how medicines and patient information can be stored and manipulated to help improve healthcare outcomes… Read more »

John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson has broad sales and marketing experience covering many segments of healthcare including infection control, wound care, DME, and… Read more »

Stephanie Broderick

Stephanie has over 25 years of product management and software development experience, with 20 of those years spent creating healthcare… Read more »

Victor Lee, MD

Victor Lee, MD has worked in the field of evidence-based clinical decision support for 15 years at Zynx Health prior… Read more »

Ron Ross

Ron Ross has over 20 years’ experience in Information Technology.  This experience includes a proven ability to implement technology based… Read more »